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From left, Amrita M. Salm, President, Becki Norton, vice-
President, Roberta Lehtinen, Secretary/Treasurer, board
members Lucia Torres, Deborah Smilovitz-Foster, and Dave
Moore (not pictured Martha Flores and Fred Shaw).

HopeNet of Carpinteria Selected as
City’s Summer Community Partner
HopeNet of Carpinteria
is a grass
roots, suicide prevention
group of concerned
citizens that
began in 2012 after the
death of a local political
figure. HopeNet
provides suicide prevention
education and
resources to the Carpinteria
Over the years the
mission of HopeNet
has broadened to not
only include efforts
and resources to lessen
the number of attempted
or completed
suicides, but also improve
the mental wellness
of Carpinterians.
In achieving their goals, HopeNet works to provide hope and direction to those in need
directing them to appropriate professional assistance. HopeNet has collaborated to bring
mental health services and resources to Carpinteria that include the County of Santa Barbara
Department of Behavioral Wellness, Mental Wellness Center of Santa Barbara, Glendon
Association, Antioch University, SAFTY, etc.
Additional efforts by HopeNet to achieve their goals have included:
• Creating, updating, printing & distributing thousands of suicide prevention cards in
Spanish & English
• Developing awareness of suicide prevention through events such as World Suicide Prevention
Candlelight Vigil celebrated every September 10th on Linden Avenue
• Providing speakers for Carpinteria events and organizations
• Working closely with the Carpinteria Unified School District, in particular the Safety Committee
and the Youth Wellness Connection Club at Carpinteria High School, the City of
Carpinteria, County of Santa Barbara, youth organizations, local service organizations,
individuals, etc.

HopeNet is also currently working with the Santa Barbara County
Department of Public Health to bring psychological services to Carpinteria.
Beginning July, 2018 there will be a Clinical Social Worker
or Clinical Psychologist available (8 hours per week), by late Summer
a certified drug & alcohol counselor (8-10 hours per week), and it is
hoped that in September various other agencies will be available to
provide additional mental health services to Carpinteria residents. .
HopeNet welcomes members of the community to the World
Suicide Prevention Candlelight Vigil on Monday, September 10 from
7-8 pm at the seal sculpture at the end of Linden Avenue. The event
will include presenters, music, refreshments, resources and therapists
available to the public. At the Vigil you can also learn about the signs
of suicide and how you can help.
If you would like to volunteer or learn more about HopeNet please
visit For additional health & human resource
information you can also visit the City of Carpinteria website at, click on the Local Info tab.
The City is thankful for the service that HopeNet’s volunteers
and Board members provide to the community and congratulates
them on their selection as the City’s summer Community Partner.

About the Author

Becki Norton, M.Ed. is a co-founder of HopeNet, Carpinteria resident, and School Psychologist with the Carpinteria Unified School District.