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Suicide kills more people than all
wars and homicides combined…
and it is on the rise.
What’s contributing to the spread of suicide? And, how can we help
In honor of National Suicide Prevention month, this September, we’re offering a free Webinar on preventing suicide with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Director, Dr. John Draper and a CE Webinar on suicide contagion with Dr. Madelyn Gould. Join these experts to learn essential tools that can help save lives.
SEP. 13th
Effectively Saving Lives
Dr. John Draper
In this compelling talk, Lifeline director, Dr. John Draper will discuss how we can amplify and magnetize hope and empower people to prevent suicides among their families and friends, in their schools, work, and communities.
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SEP. 26th
Is Suicide Contagious?
Dr. Madelyin Gould
In this Webinar with Dr. Madelyn Gould, an authority on suicide clusters and contagion, you will learn what factors are contributing to the spread of suicide. What role do the media and programs such as 13 Reasons Why play in this alarming rise, and what can we do to contain it?
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Becki Norton, M.Ed. is a co-founder of HopeNet, Carpinteria resident, and School Psychologist with the Carpinteria Unified School District.